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Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Played Major Part In Wolverine Reshoots

Things are so intense that Hugh Jackman himself fired off an e-mail to quell the Fox-hating tide battle. News Wolverine reshoots the other day caused a Firestorm of speculation that meant good or bad news for the new Fox cartoon movie. From IESB, are now the learning of at least one of the main reasons behind the reshoots: Ryan Reynold Deadpool character. This implies that at least some of reshoots went to the significant work that if you interpret it as good or bad, I leave to you. According to a user on the site, most movies shot Reynold including Wolverine and himself, Hugh Jackman and Reynold will be considerably more than a cameo.
26.1.09 10:18

Screen Talk A Rap Phoenix Rises

The twice Oscar-nominated Joaquin that memorable portrait Johnny Cash In Walk The Line he enlisted the talents of producer Sean Comb, aka Diddy to help launch his new career. And his friend Casey Affleck, younger brother of Ben, the former alongside Combs former Jennifer Lopez, is directing a documentary film in their efforts. As rapper. L latest example features the actor Joaquin Phoenix, brother of the late River, which is embarking on a new path. Living and working in Hollywood may be a strange, rarefied existence, so it should come as no surprise when the end chums making movies on each other. Just don t mention a vanity project for them.
26.1.09 10:18

Britney Spears And Robert Pattinson Voted 2008 Quot Most Attractive Stars

Britney Spear and Robert Pattinson have been named the most beautiful celebrities of 2008 in a new poll. While Twilight heartthrob Rob took the title for the boys, thanks to readers. The pop princess - who has a 180 off-the-rails queen return last year - was named the most attractive female. Over half a million votes were cast in the annual online survey, which also saw credit Angelina Jolie Liv Tyler And Daniel Craig spot in the top five..
26.1.09 10:18

Twilight Star Stewart Rides Roller Coaster Of Fame

Vampire romance Twilight hurtled Kristen Stewart the kind of fame that can transform a life into a roller coaster ride, so it seems appropriate that his new film revolves around an amusement park. But none of these films the actress has always been the kind of attention he has received over the past two months by the Twilight struck gold at the box office with more than $ 324 million (232 million pounds) worldwide since its debut in November. Adventureland which before this week at the Sundance Film Festival, is one of a series of quirky movies Stewart, 18, a star since his first movie in 11 years.
26.1.09 10:18

Quick Hits Oscar Nominees Britney Spears Eminem John Legend Yeah Yeah Yeahs Say Anything

He added that he is all the record, saying: No t think The advantage of this opportunity for everyone to watch me and listen to me? Yes I. So he won t be perhaps more than two weeks before [label] begins to understand how to program the release of his current project, said Fiddy. Com that Eminem forthcoming album Relapse is almost done and is currently in Em. Hollyscoop says 50 Cent. The mixing process. His own new album, First Self destruction, is due on February 3.
26.1.09 10:18


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